Episode: 11.3 Custom Pre-Renewal
Rates: 5/5/3
Quest EXP rates: x3
Drop Rate: x3
Cards/Rare Items Drop Rate: x10
MvP/Boss Items/Equipment Drop Rate: x3
MvP/Mini-Bosses Card Drop Rate: x1
Pet/Homunculus Intimacy: x5
Max Level: 99/70
Max Stats: 99
Max ASPD: 190
Instant Cast: 150 Dex
Homunculus autoloot limit: 5min afk



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  • Unique economy system based on supply and demand principles
  • Lots of original instances
  • Only costume Cash Shop, 0 Pay to win
  • Battleground-ready
  • Custom PvP Room based on snowball
  • Team capacity increased to 20
  • +10% exp per team member
  • Various automatic events
  • Monster population boost and respawn cooldown decreased on certain popular areas
  • Balance between 11.3 episode and post 11.3 cards.
  • Flame Skull Card modified : 1% immune stun per shield upgrade
  • Damage reflected by using reflect shield and reject sword capped to user's max HP
  • Real time GMs command list online
  • Real time MvP Cards list online with in-game announcement
  • Weekly server updates on Wednesday mornings GMT+1



  • Warper
  • Healer
  • Job Master: Change your job class
  • Hat Quest shop
  • Identifier
  • Settings NPC
  • Langugage NPC
  • Stylist
  • Instance NPCs
  • PvP Room
  • Coin Trader
  • Donation Manager
  • Costume Fitting NPC
  • And much more...



  • Hosted in France
  • Anti-DDoS, Daily Auto-Backup
  • OVH
  • Professional SysAdmin

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